Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book a boat?  Phone 0428 580 660  to make a booking, when you know the times required & how long you will need.  We recommend booking the day before to avoid disappointment, when weather forecasts are known.

How far in advance do I need to book?  Off Peak – We prefer you to book the day before so we can plan our day.  However, we can provide last minute hires if necessary & if a suitable boat is available.  We require half an hour (min) notice as we are not always onsite.
During School Holidays – it is recommended to book the day before to ensure a suitable boat is available for your needs. (Two days ahead in peak times)
Last minute and same day bookings are sometimes available.  Give us a call to check.
If bookings are made more than 2 days in advance, you will need to contact us the day before to confirm the booking,  when weather conditions & exact times are known.

Do I need a boat license?  No.  The half cabin boats & blue polycraft boats are restricted in speed (less than 10knots) & pass strict Marine Board commercial requirement, therefore operators do not need to hold a Recreational Boating License.

Our Yellow Polycraft boats have more powerful outboard motors, & therefore require the driver to hold a current Boat License.

Opening times  Buckland’s Jetty Boat Hire is open for business every day, unless weather conditions are unsuitable for boating.

What is the earliest time I can hire a boat?  Daylight hours vary according to the seasons.  If you want to go out early, you will need to make a booking the day before to ensure we are able to meet your needs. (& to set our alarm!)

What is the latest time I can return the boat?  Our boats are for hire during Daylight Hours Only.  Sunset varies each day.  We require the boat back at least half an hour BEFORE sunset, to safely prepare it for the next day.

What is provided? Fuel, Map and Safety Gear is provided.
Fishing Rods are available on request.  A Recreational Fishing Licence or Exemption must be held to borrow the equipment.

Do I need to wear a life jacket? Adult PFD1 are provided on the half cabin boats but do not have to be worn unless conditions are dangerous.  Lifejackets (PFD1) are provided & fitted to children & have to be worn at all times whilst on our jetty and in our hire boats.  Smallest PFDs we can provide suit a 5kg infant.

PFD1s are provided and must be worn on the Polycraft boats.

Can I take my dog on the boat?  Yes, but you have to clean up any mess it makes.  Be aware that the lakes are surrounded by Croajingolong National Park, & dogs are NOT allowed onshore within the National Park.  They are allowed onshore at Gipsy Point. (outside National Park)

Where can I take the hire boat? Our boats are licensed for hire within the Mallacoota Lake system.   They are NOT suitable for the rivers up stream of Gipsy Point due to shallow waters, submerged rocks & snags.  We recommend they do not go beyond Tea Tree Point near The Entrance due to shifting sandbars & strong currents.

Can I hire a boat to go to Gabo Island?   NO.   Our boats are NOT licensed nor suitable to go in the ocean.  There are tour operators in Mallacoota that do day trips & charters to Gabo Island.

Will you drop off / pick up hikers from Lakeview or Big beach?  NO.   Our boats are Self-drive Hire boats,  we do not provide a ferry service.

Other useful information –

Victorian Recreational Fishing Licenses are required if you are fishing. (unless you are exempt!)  They are available at various outlets in town or via DEPI website.

We do not sell bait.  Caltex has a large range of bait, fishing tackle & also sell Recreational Fishing Licenses.